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Smoking cigars is more than a hobby or a lifestyle choice. It is an art that needs honing. Even caring for cigars and aging them requires mastery – and of course, the right humidor.

We, at Your Elegant Bar, offer the best solutions to every cigar patron’s storage needs. Our premium and affordable humidors are a cigar connoisseur’s dream come true. We also provide cigar accessories like humidifiers, smoke eaters, and more.

Established in Michigan, Your Elegant Bar is operational all over the USA and Canada. We cater to the needs of individual cigar collectors, as well as lounges, restaurants, bars, clubs, retail shops, and more.

We specialize in all kinds of humidors. Cigar lockers, cabinet humidors, walk-in-humidors – you name it, and we will bring you the best of its kind.


2844 LIVERNOIS RD. #4644 TROY, MI 48099