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CINI Community Initiative (CINCOMM) is a sister organization of the Child In Need Institute (CINI). CINCOMM is a not-for-profit Section 25 company registered under the Companies Act 1956, India. CINCOMM focuses into community centric, social venture opportunities. The leadership at CINI believed that one way to bring sustainability to the development initiatives were to involve communities in such a way that in long run the activities create localized community centric and community driven micro-markets. The thought was influenced by earlier concepts of two legends – ‘independent village centric economy’ ( Mahatma Gandhi) and ‘community not as mere recipients of services but as active participants in development’ ( Amartya Sen). CINCOMM was the culmination of a joint initiative by CINI and a group of action researchers from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. The prognosis was that the initiative to be converted into a social business entity offering integrated nutrition solution (to start with). An agile collaborative model integrating the entity with other institutional initiatives in a community participatory mode was envisaged and presented before the board. Almost everybody was consumed by the idea and a collective ‘aha’ gave birth to CINCOMM. At CINCOMM, we co-created the ‘aha’. 


New Mans Park Colony, Pailan, Kolkata, West Bengal 700104